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One of a Kind


My landscaping practices are quite different than most landscaping services. I do not have fancy, expensive equipment, I mainly use a bar and a shovel. The stones I use are from around the North Country. All of my stones are incorporated into the garden exactly how I found them. I pride myself in the authenticity of the stones because of their unique shape through erosion and aged look. 

About Me

My name is Art Ford and  I have worked in gardens all my life. For the last ten years I have found my niche in gardening, stone landscaping. One day what started out as a flat stone walkway transformed into a stone garden with truly unique stone architecture. Since my first garden, I have constructed countless other structures for myself on various properties as well as for friends and family. I find a state of zen when I make these structures. To create something so beautiful with nothing but stone, dirt, and seed is truly satisfying.


Past Work

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